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When you have been charged or accused of a crime, it is common to feel frightened, confused, and even overwhelemed with the criminal process. Some of your biggest concerns likely include going to jail or losing your freedoms. An experienced and compassionate Atlanta criminal defense attorney can make all of the difference and give you the confidence to face your criminal charges. When you first get in touch with an attorney, they can inform you about the criminal process and help you review your options. These options will let you make an informed decision about the value of hiring a lawyer in your specific situation.

In Atlanta, the prosecutors fighting to convict you are very highly motivated. They will do everything in their power to get a guilty verdict. Whether or not you are innocent is no relevant to their case. Their job is to prove to the jury or judge that you are guilty. They keep track of their “conviction percentage,” which is their ticket to higher paying jobs in the future.

You can be confident that the prosecutors will fight tooth and nail to make their conviction record look sparkling. In return, don’t just sit back and let the prosecutors win by default. Talk to an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer to know that you are doing everything in your power to receive a fair outcome in your case. No matter the size of your criminal charges, do not treat your future carelessly. But how do you know which criminal attorney is right for you?

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Choosing the Right Atlanta Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve reach our website first during your search for legal counsel, then you might not already know this: not all lawyers are created equal. Some attorneys may seem over-confident or lacking in attention to detail. You don’t want a lawyer like this. You are looking for a criminal defense attorney that will “tell you how it is.” They will provide you with a realistic assessment of your case and lay out exactly what is the best course of action. Each individual’s defense must be carefully structure, with all the evidence against you skillfully challenged in and out of court.

The prosecution has the heavy “burden of proof” to show that there is evidence that you are guilty. It’s not the other way around, where you have to show that you are innocent. An experienced Atlanta criminal defense attorney will know the right way to cast “reasonable doubt” on a prosecutor’s evidence, helping you achieve a favorable outcome in the court room. Many attorneys can review the evidence correctly, but only a truly gifted one can present your case in a compelling way to the jury.

What Are The Next Steps?

At this point, you are here because you’re considering hiring an attorney. You may feel that your options are limited in the face of that arrest or police investigation. Although the future seems hopeless to you right now, there is much an attorney can do to help you. Regardless of the type of charges, from misdemeanor DUI to a felony theft, involving a lawyer early in the criminal process can has a very positive impact on your situation.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been formally charged (arrest or received a citation) or whether you just believe you’re under investigation (sheriff has asked you to speak to him). It’s never to early to begin the conversation with an Atlanta criminal defense attorney. Even prior to being officially charged, there are many options and steps that a lawyer can take to help prevent charges from occuring, or minimizing the charges.

If you haven’t been charged yet, the goal is to avoid having formal charges filed against you. After you’ve already been charged, there are essentially two best case scenarios. The first is to get the charges dropped and the second is to get a not guilty verdict. If these are impossible in your specific situation, then the goal is to minimize your penalities. Looks like the time has come to contact an experienced Atlanta criminal defense attorney.

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