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More than half of individuals convicted of a felony are sentenced to serve some time behind bars. There’s only one way reduce the chances that you will go to jail, and that is by having an aggressive defense for your case. An Austin criminal defense attorney can help you build such a defense and achieve the best possible outcome for your unique case.

If you have been accused or arrested for a crime, don’t feel ashamed and don’t spend time feeling like you’re in the dark about what to do next. There are options! Too many times innocent people are convicted of a crime because they just don’t have the experience or help that they need. Many other times, individuals receive a much harsher punishment than could have been achieved with a solid defense for their case. After speaking to an attorney you should have a better picture of where you stand.

An Overview of Austin Criminal Defense

There are many different types of law, but since you came here looking a for a criminal defense attorney in Austin, we will focus on “criminal law,” which relates to so-called “public wrongs.” In criminal law, a government prosecutes an individual (defendant) that has committed a crime such as a DUI, violent crime, sex crime, or white-collar crime. When charged with a crime, it is extremely beneficial to consult with an experienced defense lawyer to assess your options and take the best possible route for your case. Below we discuss defending two broad categories of crimes, misdemeanors and felonies.

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Austin Misdemeanor Defense

Misdemeanors are considered to be slightly less serious crimes. In general, misdemeanors in Austin come with lesser punishments such as fines, probation, or less than one year of jail time. In most cases, misdemeanors are charged with a written complaint and the charges don’t need to be review by a judge before being issued. Even in some states, poor defendants are not entitled to a public attorneys for misdemeanors because they aren’t considered severe enough. Although the government may consider misdemeanors to be minor, a misdemeanor accusation or even a conviction, can impact a defendant’s life very negatively. Many long-lasting consequences exist such as a permanent mark on your criminal record, which shows up in background checks.

Austin Felony Defense

Felonies are considered to be more serious crimes than misdemeanors and accordingly, they come with harsher punishments. A commonly accepted definition of a felony is any crimes that are punishable by more than one year in prison. A felony offense is in fact defined by its punishments, not by the statutes. The more serious the offense, the more critical it is to have an Austin criminal defense lawyer fighting for your rights to keep you out of prison or reduce your punishment.

Were You Falsely Accused of a Crime in Austin?

There aren’t many statistics on this matter, but it’s commonly agreed upon that quite a few individuals end up convicted of a crime, even when they were falsely accused. In a majority of cases, the American justice system does it job. However, some people do slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, these innocent people still have to face the same consequences as criminals actually guilty of their crimes. Don’t let this happen to you by having a lighthearted approach towards defending your charges. You need to build an aggressive defense as soon as possible after being arrested.

Can You Find a Job After a Criminal Conviction?

In recent years, employers have begun to care much more about the criminal records of their employees. This is not because they want to discriminate against those with criminal records. Employers have been prosecuted for hiring individuals with criminal records when those individuals commit other crimes. It’s clear that employers just need to cover their ass. Due to these conditions, employers often require a pre-employment background check. All criminal records will show up on these background checks. After that, it’s up to the employer to decide whether they will risk hiring the individual. The best thing you can do at this point is try your hardest to prevent a criminal conviction by speak to an experienced Austin criminal defense lawyer.

Free Case Evaluation With An Austin Criminal Defense Attorney

It is important to remember that you can and should fight your criminal charges. After reading the information on this page you should be familiar with the criminal process and realize how important it is to fight for your freedom. Get in touch with a criminal lawyer to see what defense options exist in your specific situation.

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