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Being convicted of a crime is a confusing and demoralizing time in your life. It not only affects you but your loved ones as well. Tackling a crime on your own can be very stressful and difficult. Depending on a Denver criminal defense attorney to aid you in a better future is the reliable move. Always remain calm and know that you have options for defending case in court and even before the trial.

Why Hire a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney?

No matter if this is a first time offense or a repeated offense, it is vital that it’s handled with the utmost consideration. Whether you are trying to maintain a clean record or avoid prison, there is much at stake. A prior criminal record could be a big determinant in how you are convicted the next time around. In general however, serious crimes will face serious punishments. For more information about penalties stemming from your criminal charges it is necessary to speak with a defense lawyer in Denver.

In any case, it is the job of the criminal attorney to analyze any kind of evidence that could be used against you in the courtroom. This is done to determine whether or not you will be convicted or not at trial. Sometimes people are falsely accused. In this scenario, your attorney will try to have your case dismissed or receive a “not guilty” verdict through the trial. In other scenarios, the District Attorney’s case will be unbeatable, especially if there is staggering evidence against you. In this case a plea agreement will need to be negotiated. However, in many cases the potential outcome of a trial will be uncertain.

A vital role of a criminal defense lawyer is to determine whether a jury trial or a plea agreement is the best route for their clients’ future. In general, the earlier you start defending your case, the stronger your negotiating position is with the District Attorney, especially prior to the trial. In the case that the accused is at a greater risk for losing based on the evidence, your defense attorney may be able to negotiate a reasonable outcome that will be in agreement with the DA.

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Determining whether the DA has a strong chance of proving you guilty allows your criminal attorney to measure your case against the legal elements of that offense. Regardless of the charge, there are certain things the DA has to prove in order for you to receive a “guilty” conviction. The elements are:

  • That you (not someone else) committed the crime
  • In the city of Denver
  • On the date and location of the charges
  • The elements that follow these are specific to the crime you have been charged with. For example, in a domestic violence/harassment case, the other elements include:
    • With the intent to annoy, harass, or alarm
    • Struck, shoved, or kicked (the victim)

If any one of these validations are not proven in the courtroom then the jury must find the defendant not guilty. Attacking one of these validations is crucial for your defense attorney and could be the key to a brighter future. For example, if your struck a person out of self-defense, they your intent was not to “annoy, harass, or alarm” the person.

Regardless of the charge, the approach is the same. Targeting these validations could be the key to your freedom or it may not be, however your defense attorney will be able to spot the DA’s weakness. This is where your attorney will develop a case and defend your rights. As mentioned before, anticipating all future outcomes will better prepare you for any unwanted results. This could mean an avoidance of serious punishment, if a dead end is reached in your case or a strong defense case against the DA if they are making unreasonable offers. Many things are possible and so it is wise to have a competent Denver criminal defense lawyer who is equipped to handle these scenarios.

Types of Crimes in Denver

Alcohol Related Offenses

Offenses included in this category are: Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI), or Underage Drunk Driving (UDD). These types of offenses can have some very serious consequences, especially when it’s not your first offense. 

Domestic Violence Crimes

These crimes vary in seriousness, but an attorney can prove to be most useful if their help is enlisted immediately. The alternative is that the “judicial system” takes the reins and the accused individual might find themselves without a family or employment.

Sex Crimes

In recent years, Colorado has been revising the sexual crime laws. This includes increasing the penalties and quacking the timeline for the filing of these cases. Sex crimes can some of the most serious life-lasting consequences out of all crimes, such as having to register as a sex offender. 

Computer Crimes

Since the inventions of computers and smartphones, computer and Internet related crimes have been flourishing. Everything from stalking to hacking to new types of fraud and identity theft have been seen through the court system. There are many unique laws associated with the virtual world, which is why a criminal defense lawyer can be so helpful. 

Violent Crimes

In these types of crimes, one individual causes or threatens to cause physical harm to another. A lot of these crimes are felonies and convictions carry heavy penalties including prison time, fines, loss of employment, and the loss of many constitutional freedoms.

Drug Offenses

Drug crimes probably have the widest range of penalties. The smallest misdemeanors could carry only small fines or short probations, but the larger, more severe, drug offenses (drug trafficking or manufacturing) could result in many years of prison time. The laws have been changing a lot recently (legalization of marijuana), so it’s critical to enlist the help of a criminal defense attorney in Denver.

Contact a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney For a Free Consultation

For any criminal charge, it is vital to get a lawyer on your side as quickly as possible. The longer you wait to contact an attorney the less options you will have for your defense. It’s also important to mention that it’s never to late to speak to an attorney, even if your case is coming up soon. The experience and competence a lawyer can offer is extremely valuable.

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