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If you’ve reached this page that means that you or someone you know has been charged with a DUI in Miami. You are probably feeling embarrassed, confused, and overwhelmed. When you think about facing the criminal justice system alone, it’s totally understandable to feel feelings fear. However, it is important to not lose hope. There are many ways in which a Miami DUI attorney can help you fight your charges. Most importantly, speaking to an attorney today can help alleviate your fears and make you more confident about the outcome and future of your case. Although the below information doesn’t substitute for an in depth consultation with a lawyer, we hope to provide you with some relevant information so you can build up the confidence to defend yourself against your DUI charges!

Avoid These Miami DUI Mistakes

Don’t assume defeat even if your BAC was greater than 0.08

The legal limit for a DUI in Miami is indeed 0.08 (8% of your blood is alcohol). However, just because the tests showed that you had an 8% blood alcohol concentration, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a multitude of defense an attorney can use on your behalf to get the evidence dismissed. For example, the testing equipment may have been faulty or the procedure wasn’t done correctly.

Assuming your charges will simply vanish is a mistake

A DUI is a serious crime in Miami, regardless if it’s a first offense or a misdemeanor. Ignoring it will not make it go away. Trying to solve it alone without the experience of a skilled Miami DUI attorney is dangerous. The criminal justice system is complex and the legal procedures and paperwork involved in defending a DUI is daunting for an individual not trained by law school and years of experience.

Failing to understand the secondary consequences of a DUI

Standard penalties for DUIs, both misdemeanor and felony levels include fines, jail time, probation, DUI school, and license suspensions. Many people fail to realize that there are long-term consequences as well. A DUI conviction will appear on your record forever. This could cause trouble when you are trying to find a job and they run a background check. How much money will be lost because you couldn’t get that high paying job. Also think about how you will move around without a driver’s license? Will you have to pay for public transportation or taxis? Will you have to ask your friends for rides? All in all, it’s estimated that even first-time DUIs can have an estimated long-term cost of $10,000. With these types of numbers, you cannot afford to not hire an attorney.

Hire a DUI Attorney in Miami, FL

After reading the information on this page you should feel much better informed about your DUI charges. By now you are probably feeling a lot more confident about defeating the charges. Get in touch with an attorney to get your specific situation evaluated and to be provided with a realistic view of what you can expect.

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