Portland Criminal Defense Attorney

When charged with a crime, it’s essential to speak to a Portland criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The earlier you jump on defending your case, the more likely the outcome will be favorable.

If you’ve reached this page, it’s likely that you are being investigated for or have already been charged with a crime in Portland, OR. Don’t despair! There are many options available to you for protecting your rights and securing your future.

Why Hire a Portland Criminal Defense Attorney?

There are a few really great reasons (and an unlimited amount of good reasons) to hire a lawyer for your case. Compared to tackling the criminal justice system alone, having an attorney fighting by yourself can bring a sense of comfort and confidence.

The second, and perhaps greatest, reason for hiring an attorney is that it can actually be a great investment. Most people think about the up-front costs of hiring an attorney, but they don’t really consider how being convicted of a crime will affect their future financially. Although the up-front costs may initially seem high, consider the potential loss of income in the future when you aren’t able to get job you really want because of your criminal record.

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Types of Crime

All crimes can be categorized as either a misdemeanor or a felony. Misdemeanors are known to be less serious than felonies and carries less severe punishments. However, that doesn’t mean they should be taken lightly. Even a misdemeanor can have up to 1 year jail time in Portland. Below are just a few of the practice areas that a Portland criminal defense lawyer can help you with. Click on the names to get more information.

  • Minor in Possession (MIP): This is a relatively minor offense given to those individuals that are in possession of alcohol under the age of 21. Most annoying consequence could include having your license revoked and being unable to drive.
  • Solicitation & Prostitution: Whenever there is a sexual act or even discussion of a sexual act in exchange of money, the individuals in question can be charged with solicitation or prostitution. Both the person performing and receiving can be charged.
  • Public Intoxication: When you are drunk in public, or even had a little bit to drink, you might be charged with a public intox. Usually, there is also some component of rowdiness to get the police officer’s attention, but it’s not required.
  • Open Container Violation: This charge is similar to public intoxication, but it’s not based on your having drank any alcohol. If you are in possession of any container of alcohol in public, bottle or cup, you might be charged under the open container laws.
  • Hit and Run: These occur whenever you hit someone or something and then flee the scene of the accident. Unlike the 4 crimes above, a hit & run can vary greatly in severity depending on if there was serious property or bodily damage.

Portland Criminal Penalties

When charged with a crime, the scariest thing is that your future is unknown. We provide a breakdown of the various maximum sentences that you can expect. These are worst case scenarios, but should give you a realistic overview of what you’re facing.

Felony Classes

Class Max. Prison Term Max. Fine
Class A 20 years $375,000
Class B 10 years $250,000
Class C 5 years $125,000

Misdemeanor Classes

Class Max. Jail Term Max. Fine
Class A 1 year $6,250
Class B 6 months $2,500
Class C 30 days $1,250

Those charged with Class A or Class B felonies should be most alert. Receiving a Class A or B felony conviction is extremely dangerous in State of Oregon. The government will most definitely attempt to give you a prison sentence. In many situations, there’s even a mandatory prison sentence. In those cases, the judge doesn’t have the flexibility to offer discretion in his sentencing. On a more positive note, with the help of an experience lawyer, Class C felonies can occasionally be pleaded down to misdemeanors or probation.

Get Protected Today, Have a Brighter Future Tomorrow

Now you should be more familiar with the criminal justice system in Portland. You know about the consequences that you or a loved one might be facing. You know that the sooner you higher an attorney, the better your chance so success. Now there is no need to delay.

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