Portland, OR Solicitation & Prostitution Penalties

Although a prostitution or solicitation charge is generally a misdemeanor, there are a variety of situation where it can be a felony. One example is when it’s past your 2nd offense. Another example is when you are the pimp. Regardless of the charge being a felony or misdemeanor, the consequences can be heavy, especially considering the black mark left on your record from a prostitution conviction. Below are the maximum penalties associated with the various class levels of offenses in the State of Oregon.

Prostitution Felony Classes

Class Max. Prison Term Max. Fine
Class A 20 years $375,000
Class B 10 years $250,000
Class C 5 years $125,000

Prostitution Misdemeanor Classes

Class Max. Jail Term Max. Fine
Class A 1 year $6,250
Class B 6 months $2,500
Class C 30 days $1,250