San Francisco Bay Area Hit and Run Attorney

If you’ve reached this page, we can assume that you are in need of a San Francisco Bay Area hit and run attorney. You may have already been charged with the hit and run, or there might be an investigation pending. No matter what stage in the criminal process, it’s never to early to speak to a lawyer.

Why Hire a Bay Area Hit and Run Lawyer?

This is one of the most critical questions. At this point you are likely considering all of your options. One option might include pleading guilty and putting this bad time behind you. Another option might be defending yourself in court. However, any course of action you take that doesn’t involve hiring an attorney can put your future at risk. Below are just a few things that an attorney can do for your hit and run case.

  • Evaluate your unique case to help you understand your rights
  • Negotiate with the police and prosecutors throughout the process
  • Provide guidance on how to handle questioning by the sheriff
  • Negotiate a Plea Agreement for a lesser charge or punishment
  • Take your hit and run case through the entire criminal process

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You may continue reading below if you would like to learn about the penalties and defenses associated with a hit and run charge in the Bay Area.

Bay Area Hit & Run Penalties

A hit and run charge can vary greatly in severity and thus the penalties will depend on whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony. In most scenarios, a hit & run is charged as a misdemeanor. This is usually the case when there was only property damage. On the occasions that there was death or bodily injury to the victim, a hit and run will likely be a felonly.

Misdemeanor Hit and Run Penalties

  • California DMV record: 2 points and possible license suspension
  • Cost: payment to victims for the damage caused
  • Fines: maximum $1,000 plus court-ordered fees and penalties
  • Probation: maximum 3 years
  • Jail time: maximum 6 months
  • Criminal Record: misdemeanor on the record

Felony Hit and Run Penalties

  • California DMV Record: 2 points and possible license suspension
  • Cost: payment to victims for the damage caused
  • Fines: minimum fine: $1,000 and maximum $10,000
  • Prison Time: maximum 4 years
  • Criminal Record: permanent felony on the record

SF Bay Area Hit and Run Defenses

Although each hit and run has a unique set of circumstances, a variety of generally used defenses are provided below. Only an experienced Bay Area hit & run lawyer can determine which ones are applicable in your case.

  • Not knowing whether or not there was an accident or any damages. Under the California Vehicle Code, it’s a completely reasonable defense if you did not know there was an accident/damage. This may occur when the damage is extremely minor/insignificant or if the impact was not felt.
  • The defendant wasn’t driving the vehicle. If you are not the driver of the vehicle involved in the hit and run, then you cannot be charged with it. Vehicles can be stolen or taken without permission, in which case the owner of that vehicle is tracked down after the hit & run occurs.
  • No damage is suffered to anyone’s property except yours. In this situation, you can say, no damage no problem. For example if you crashed into a concrete barrier, there is no property damage and the only damage suffered is to your own vehicle, then no hit & run occurred.
  • Stopping was not possible. This is a special case where you were unable to stop for one reason or another. For example, if the driver you hit was threatening your life and you were afraid to stop, this could be considered a viable defense to a hit and run charge.

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By now, you should be familiar with the seriousness of a hit & run charge in the SF Bay Area. The penalties can be heavy and only increase with the severity of the circumstances surrounding the accident. However, you also see that a lawyer can help you with a wide range of defenses against a hit and run.

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